Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1 in 5 Mobile Users Don't Want Coupons


Almost one in five (18%) smartphone/tablet users do not want to receive any coupons on their device, according to [download page] data released in October 2011 by Prosper Mobile Insights. This is a higher percentage than say they want to receive mobile coupons via social media check-in (10%).

Email (51%, more than one response allowed) is by far the most popular method of receiving mobile coupons, followed by manual search (32%), scanning a QR code in-store (32%), and text/IM (31%). In addition, 26% of smartphone/tablet users prefer to receive coupons automatically when they are near a store.

3 in 4 Mobile Users Browse Products/Services


Prosper Mobile Insights data shows that three in four (76%) smartphone/tablet users have used their device to browse/look for products and/or services. Locating a store/store hours closely followed in popularity (73%).

No other mobile activity was anywhere near as popular as these two activities. Almost half (49%) have researched specific products, while 47% have received text messages with specific offers and 46% have read customer reviews. Other popular mobile activities include making purchases (40%) and scanning QR codes (37%).

Other Findings

  • Two in three (67%) smartphone/tablet users somewhat or strongly agree that location-based mobile coupons are very or somewhat useful, while 23% neither agree nor disagree.
  • Only 45% of smartphone/tablet users somewhat or strongly agree they are concerned about security issues and their location being tracked, while 30% neither agree nor disagree.
  • Four in 10 (42%) smartphone/tablet users have used their device as a coupon.

e-tailing group: 1 in 3 Online Consumers Has Performed Mobile Shopping Research

Approximately one in three online US consumers have performed one of several mobile shopping research activities in the past three months, according to a September 2011 study from the e-tailing group and PowerReviews. Data from “The 2011 Social Shopping Study” indicates that a leading 33% of online consumers have both checked for sales and specials and looked up store information such as hours, location and maps via mobile device in the past three months.

About the Data: Prosper Mobile Insights surveyed 348 smartphone and tablet users on their devices between September 22-24, 2011.

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