Thursday, June 2, 2011

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN FOR DISTRICT 7 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE- Any Marketing and Communications Professionals May Attend!

If there's one AAF conference you don't want to miss this year, it's the District 7 Leadership Conference. In this complicated marketplace, you need every savvy, innovative, put-it-to-use-immediately idea you can get, and this conference won't disappoint. We've gathered some of the South's most innovative brands--companies who are thriving in spite of the downturn--and they've agreed to share information you won't find anywhere else. They're taking us behind their brands. So we'll see not just the ideas that worked, but the strategies that made them successful, and the ways of thinking that helped cultivate the success. It's something not many people will ever get a chance to see. But you're one of the fortunate few: You can attend the AAF District 7 Leadership Conference. Click this link to make your reservation. Then get ready for priceless marketing info--plus the unforgettable fun and people that are a part of AAF. It's almost here!

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